Digital Cadastre Solutions

                  MDA’s Digital Cadastre Solution is a complete cadastral mapping management solution for land administration organizations responsible for medium to large jurisdictions.

                  MDA’s Digital Cadastre Solution provides a comprehensive, contiguous cadastral parcel fabric infrastructure for the management, adjustment, and maintenance of cadastral maps. Solution components include electronic submission of plan updates, workflow management, web-based visualization, and information/data distribution to professionals and the public.

                  MDA’s solution development process begins with an extensive analysis of existing data sources to assess and define the most cost effective approach to compiling a comprehensive parcel fabric to meet the specific needs of the customer?. Projects often include the integration of multiple data sources to create a single, complete, trusted and sustainable parcel fabric.


                  MDA’s advanced solution includes a survey-aware parcel fabric that is dynamically geo?referenced to the underlying survey control network. It brings sophisticated workflows and tools to the fabric construction process to streamline the process, reduce the need for manually intensive steps, while employing extensive quality control and audit checks throughout.

                  MDA’s Digital Cadastre solution is proven on large-scale operations responsible for more than one million parcels of land. It integrates with MDA’s Land Title Registry solution to provide a comprehensive land administration capability.