?Data Transmission

                  MDA is a leading provider of data transmission payloads, terminals, and subsystems, with a specialization in Ka-band intersatellite links that support LEO-to-LEO satellite communications, and data relay from LEO-to-GEO satellites.

                  The company’s heritage in space data transmission includes the NASA TDRSS program in the 1980s, the Iridium 1 and 2 programs of the 1990s, and today’s European Data Relay System.

                  Colka_Ka band Data Relay terminal for Columbus space station moduleWith a custom range of variously-sized tracking antennas that support the data relay payload and the LEO terminal, MDA also provides complete LEO terminals with antennas from 20 to 80 centimetres, providing both forward and return Ka-band links. MDA LEO terminals for scientific or remote sensing missions provide real time data transfer, or real time tasking of the satellite within the view of the Data Relay Satellite to complement standard Line of Site downlinks to regional ground stations.